When the coal is converted into a synthetic gas, it is sent to the gas turbines where it is burned to make electricity. However, if the synthetic gas does not meet certain standards, it is diverted to the gas flare tower on the plant property, where it is ignited and burned safely. The gas flare also is used during each start-up and shut-down of the plant. The Edwardsport plant uses state-of-the-art technology to gasify coal, strip out pollutants, and then burn that cleaner gas to produce electricity.

It is the first major new coal-fired power plant built in Indiana in more than two decades and is a key part of the effort to modernize the state’s aging electric system. It offers a way to produce cleaner energy and comply with new and pending federal environmental regulations while still using abundant local resources of Indiana and Illinois Basin coal. And, when in operation, it may prove to be among the most advanced and cleanest coal-fired power plants in the nation, a clear example of what may be possible going forward.