Barry Tudor, CEO of the Sydney-based Pembroke, painted a bright picture. “We have a unique opportunity to develop high-quality metallurgical coal assets,” he said; Denham has $7.9 billion in invested and committed capital elsewhere in the U.K., the U.S. and Brazil.

Previously Gloucester Coal’s CEO, Tudor guided that company through $1.7 billion in market capitalization via acquisition of the Middlemount project with regulatory approval for expansions. He also served as managing director of Noble Resources and senior vice president for Noble Group’s Coal and Carbon Complex division.

Other Gloucester Coal veterans joining Pembroke include Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mark Sheldon and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Craig Boyd. “The team delivered one of the great success stories in the Australian coal industry,” said Denham’s Perth-based Director Bert Koth, who oversees the Asia-Pacific region.