The producer said the mine has operated without a lost work day since July 15, 2011, and during that time crews have produced more than 5 million tons of coal.

The mine’s year-to-date incidence rate of zero compares to a 3.42 incidence rate per 200,000 hours worked among U.S. mines, based on the latest data.

Last year alone, Cottage Grove shipped 1.9 million tons to electricity generating customers. It also has earned the company’s President’s Safety Award in 2012 and 2013 for achieving the best U.S. safety performance for a Peabody surface operation.

“Our employees at Cottage Grove have achieved a tremendous safety milestone, and one that inspires pride in all of us at Peabody,” said Peabody President, Americas, Kemal Williamson. “Our goal as a company is zero incidents of any kind. The employees of Cottage Grove should be commended for reaching that target. Their focus and commitment to safety day in and day out is an outstanding example to all of us.”

Through June of this year, seven Peabody operations worldwide have operated for the past six months without a reportable incident.