“It is unfortunate that we need to take this action, since the employees at the Emery mine have worked safely for more than 400 days without a single injury, and have done everything they could to keep the operation running,” said Jimmy Brock, senior vice president of operations, CONSOL Energy. “For those Emery employees who are interested and who qualify, we will offer them the option of a position at another CONSOL operation.”

CONSOL Energy attributed the Mine 84 closing to the high cost structure of the mine. Mine 84 is also a room-and-pillar mine that produced coal for the thermal and metallurgical coal markets.

“Mine 84 has been in operation for many decades, and it is unfortunate that the time has come when it was no longer able to compete in today’s markets,” said Brock. Similarly, CONSOL will offer the affected employees positions at other company operations.