The company’s Cordero Rojo mine in northeastern Wyoming recently received approval from the state’s Department of Environmental Quality for its final, phase three bond release on more than 900 acres of permanently reclaimed land. CPE currently has more than 10,000 acres being reclaimed across its three mines, all to a condition as good as or better than pre-mining as dictated by federal and state standards.

Under Wyoming regulations, three phases are involved with reclamation bond release, and the process can take many years to complete; also, lands must be reclaimed for a minimum of 10 years before the third and final bond release can be granted. To achieve final bond release, Cordero Rojo’s reclaimed lands were restored to grazing and wildlife uses and have been actively grazed in partnership with adjacent landowners.

The bond release process is extensive and requires verifications such as topography, water quality, soils suitability, vegetation quality and diversity, and wildlife use.

“Unlike some other sources of energy, our surface mining is a temporary use of the land, and we are proud to have met the state’s significant requirements for the final phase of reclamation to receive full bond release for this acreage,” said Cordero Rojo mine General Manager Joe Vaccari. “This area is being returned as good as, if not better than, before mining began here, which is a testament to our commitment to strong environmental stewardship.”