CCT is located on the lower Tennessee River (Mile 14), near the intersection of the Tennessee and Ohio rivers, in Calvert City, Ky. CCT is a leading coal trans-loading and blending facility, with a capacity of 11 million tons of coal throughput annually and 2 million tons of ground storage capacity. The terminal is served by the Paducah and Louisville Railway, which gives it ready access to both western and eastern railroads. The addition of the new barge unloading and rail loading capabilities to CCT will provide customers with unparalleled flexibility in sourcing and blending of western and Illinois Basin coals.

The new barge unloading system at CCT will be capable of unloading four barges per day. Coal can be loaded directly to rail or sent to ground storage, with blending occurring under any scenario for up to three coals. The new rail load out system will be capable of loading a 100-car unit train in less than six hours. Following implementation of these new capabilities, CCT will be the leading blending facility on the inland river system, with the capability to take coal from the river, rail or truck, blend up to three coals with 99.9% blend accuracy, and load coal to river, rail or truck for delivery to customers.

SCH is excited to announce its plans to reopen the Pride Terminal located on the Tennessee River (Mile 247) in Tuscumbia, Ala. Plans for the facility, which is served by the Norfolk Southern Railroad, include capacity for 135-car unit trains with rail unloading and loading, and barge unloading and loading capabilities. The facility will offer blending services with ground storage capacity of more than 1 million tons.