Another large area of improvement in Carlson Mining 2014 is the new Range Diagram command for dragline design. Additional options for dozer push, extended bench and spoil side mining have been added to further enhance this user-friendly, graphic tool to size pits or machines based on mining conditions.

More top new improvements in Carlson Mining 2014 include the ability to run Surface Mine Reserves more than three times faster; Geologic Column option to put all attributes on a single line to avoid overlaps; customizable drill hole reports and borehole logs, by scale, interval, depth and level; and many more options for labeling diverse types of strata.

Used throughout the world, Carlson Mining provides ease-of-use and AutoCAD DWG-based graphics. Available in targeted modules—geology, surface, underground and basic mining—Carlson Mining provides the tools needed for planning, engineering or automating a mine. Also available for mining operations is Carlson Natural Regrade, which is recommended by the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Office of Surface Mining for mine reclamation. Natural Regrade helps mine operations meet and often exceed environmental standards and provides maintenance-free stability that translates to true sustainability.