In addition to mining and processing anthracite, Blaschak will also supply rock from the site for road construction. The company expects to add up to 20 new jobs to its union workforce. The project’s coal production is expected to be consumed by customers and markets currently served by Blaschak. “We are excited to have completed this transaction, which substantially increases both our reserves and production capacity,” said Tony Blaschak, president, Blaschak Coal. “As a legacy participant in mining anthracite, we are bullish on the Pennsylvania anthracite industry, and see this as a strong step toward solidifying Blaschak’s place as a premier participant in the market.”

Anthracite is a form of coal that has high carbon content and low levels of impurities, and burns virtually smokeless, making it a valuable fuel or carbon source for a variety of applications. More than 95% of North America’s supply of anthracite comes from an eight-county region of northeastern Pennsylvania stretching from Dauphin County north of Harrisburg, to Lackawanna County north of Scranton.

Blaschak’s majority owner, Milestone Partners, is the primary investor in the acquisition of the Lattimer plant.