The deal includes a pair of anthracite surface operations, Hazleton Shaft and Hazleton Shaft South; the former is immediately adjacent to Atlantic’s flagship Stockton mine and the latter is 3.5 miles southwest of the complex. Additionally, HSC has a high-capacity washing plant at the Hazleton Shaft site and holds a 50% interest in the Hazleton Hiller drying plant, also at Hazleton Shaft.

No financial details were disclosed.

“The company has been seeking to expand its position in the Pennsylvania anthracite market for some time with a view to increasing its share of both the North American and export markets,” Atlantic Managing Director Steve Best said. “The HSC mines and preparation plants make the perfect fit to achieve this with high-quality reserves and both primary and secondary preparation plants, which will enable the company to not only massively expand production but also to make inroads into the added value processed anthracite and carbons market.”

Recoverable reserves at the HSC properties exceed 7 million tons, Atlantic officials said, along with more still-unquantified reserves of unmined anthracite, waste anthracite and silt on two other properties, Beaver Brook and Sandy Run.