American Resources Corp. (ARC) announced that, in conjunction with its sponsored research partnership with Purdue University, has achieved a high purity of the rare earth element (REE), Neodymium (Nd), using its exclusively licensed, ligand assisted displacement (LAD) chromatography process and technology. The company was able to separate, isolate and purify the inherent Neodymium to a 99.5% purity.

“Today, we can say that we achieved this result alongside our technology partner at Purdue University at a cost point and environmental standard that is extremely competitive on a worldwide basis,” ARC CEO Mark Jensen said.

“We are not aware of any other technology in the world that can compete on costs or environmental standards and based on these results we are fully committed to bring this technology to the market as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

Neodymium magnets are considered the strongest type of permanent magnet available commercially.