The Carnegie mine is the first of the company’s series of mines in the Alma seam that it anticipates bringing into production during the 2017. The company forecasts its production costs at the mine to be below $56/ton and will be shipped by rail from the company’s McCoy Elkhorn Bevins Branch complex.

“We are excited to begin production at the first in a series of Alma seam mines in the area,” said Tom Sauve, president of American Resources Corp. “I applaud our team for coming in under budget on the development of the mine and achieving a very expedited timeframe to get on production. This mine offers us the ability to create blends with our other metallurgical production at our McCoy Elkhorn facility and offer our customers a very attractive high vol metallurgical product at a time when high vol coal is in demand.”

American Resources Corp. is engaged in diversified energy services including mining, processing and logistics, with a primary focus on traditional energy sources such as coal and oil and gas.