Doson, which consists of a polymer that speeds up the separation process of solids inside the clarifier, is the processing piece of equipment used for the preparation of the flocculant. With this accessory addition, the setup process can be made more complete by making it automatic and eliminate the need for an operator. The Doson accessory system works by taking samples of the sludge on a regular basis. Then it analyzes it in a closed chamber by using electronic sensors. It adjusts the dose of the flocculant according to the materials it contains and also adjusts the decantation speed in that specific time of the cycle.

The automatic powder metering accessory known as Cocly, can adjust the flocculant powder automatically. It also initiates the water inlet valve and the pale stirrer automatically. Cocly produces more than 13,000 gallons of product without stopping and it is completely independent.

According to ZEI, water should always be clarified in the best possible way, both economically and environmentally. This is essential when the properties of the sludge to be treated changes during the days.