Becker President Dr. Franz Becker and CSO Max Brinkman, WMS President Bill Hensler, and new board member CFO Brad Blake were all on hand at Wholesale’s Pennsylvania office to finalize the deal, which Hensler said was a long time in the making and was culminated by a year-long business relationship.

The merger is mutually beneficial to both companies, as it allows WMS to increase resources and capabilities while pulling from Becker’s international expertise. The merger also provides Becker a local knowledge base and access to the Wholesale’s diverse distributor base.

“We wanted to make sure we did everything right, and that the deal would be good for all parties involved,” Hensler said. He said neither company’s client bases will see logistical changes in terms of how business is conducted, but Becker Wholesale Mine Supply customers will enjoy a greater level of customer and technical service. Current office locations and staff will also be maintained, though BWMS will expand its technical assistance and engineering teams to best serve operations.

Becker Wholesale Mine Supply’s existing distributor network will remain in place post-merger; these companies include Delta Electric, Carroll Engineering, Industrial Mine Supply, Wallace Electric, HC Global and Mine Systems. The companies will also maintain its relationships with mining manufacturers VARIS, Venture Design-Mine Tracer, Frederick Mining Controls, Kenwood Radio and WMS/Comtrol and continue to carry all product lines.

“This merger is a win-win for everyone in the mining industry,” Hensler said. “Together we offer every mining communications product mining operations demand, and we continue to expand those offerings ever single year.”