The system was developed to address one of the primary safety problems in underground mining today; workers becoming injured, disabled or killed by personal contact with or collisions involving moving machinery. It visually and audibly warns workers when in close proximity to the equipment or disables the equipment completely when the worker is in a position of imminent danger to their safety.

Fundamentally, the HazardAvert system consists of a low-frequency signal marker device called the Generator, a personal-alarm device (PAD) and a vehicle-alarm-device (VAD). The Generator is installed onto machinery and with the use of electromagnetic signals, marks the areas considered to be potentially hazardous. The PAD is worn by workers to alert them when they have entered a potentially dangerous area marked by a Generator. VADs are installed on mining machinery and equipment and detect marker fields created by Generators on other equipment.

According to Strata, HazardAvert is ideal for use in all types of mining operations, as well as construction sites and warehousing facilities. The system has been successfully installed underground on continuous miners, shuttle cars, supply scoops, feeder breakers, and roof bolters and on surface equipment including haul trucks, draglines, forklifts, light duty trucks and other machinery.