Developed and produced in Australia, the new Sandvik Eclipse fluorine-free fire suppressant foam can be used in all new and existing Sandvik-compliant fire suppression systems. In addition, it fully complies with stringent new environmental regulations being proposed in Queensland and Western Australia, which will impact on fluorine-based foams.

According to Michael Sargaison, Sandvik Fire Suppression’s sales manager, the new system complies with AS5062 2006 fire protection for mobile and transportable equipment, while offering world’s best practice in environmentally sustainable foam-suppression technology.

“In addition to its environmental benefits, Eclipse is superior to fluorine-based foams in that it delivers faster knock-down while still maintaining post-fire protection — making it more efficient at putting out mobile equipment fires.

“At the same time, it saves on money and time involved in the costly cleanup and EHS reporting required with fluorine-based foam systems,” Sargaison said.

“With the cost of Eclipse being very similar to fluorine-based foams, there will be negligible cost-impact for our customers — and major cost savings when the system is discharged,” said Sargaison.

Sandvik fire suppression systems are manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia, and there are currently around 5,000 of its systems in operation around Australia.