Eliminating the need for batteries and battery maintenance, the Un-A-Trac 488D XP offers the cleanest power pack available for underground mining. The ventilation rate of 7,500 cuboc feet per minute (cfm) is almost half that of the closest competitor for a cleaner working environment, and the particulate index of 4,500 cfm reduces emissions by more than 66% compared to competitive products. The design offers the lowest operating height of any mine-approved diesel scoop, increasing operator visibility. Diesel power means the scoop can handle severe conditions without interruption for battery charge, change or cooling. It can also negotiate gradients that would overheat electric tram motors and drive components.

The four-speed power shift transmission lets the operator adjust tramming speed and torque to the current needs, and the SAHR (Spring Applied, Hydraulic Release) brakes achieve 0.5 g deceleration.

The quiet engine and exhaust system and ergonomically designed cab with a Bucyrus control stick provide a comfortable environment for the operator.

The scoop has a lift capacity of 16 tons, and the 60-inch vertical lift means it can dump onto elevated transfer points without additional equipment. The Bucyrus Quick Attach System allows use of a versatile range of attachments. The axle is rated for load of 39 tons, while the rolling element oscillation bearing is rated at 29 tons axial, 66 tons radial.

The 488D XP diesel scoop is equipped with a flameproof electronics package and a 150-hp turbocharged, after-cooled engine. The engine is cooled by a massive, 8-fin-per-inch, triple-pass radiator assembly. An analog temperature control manages cooling fan demand and response, reducing the operator’s exposure to noise. The rugged cooling system is pressure-wash-capable up to 3,000 psi and does not require a surge tank due to the flooded inlet design of the expansion tanks. Access panels and a removable finger grid around the cooling core facilitate cleaning.