The technology, developed by GTL Energy, removes moisture from low rank coals and biomass, and converts the product into briquettes which feature a higher energy content, reduced emissions, improved handling and transportation characteristics, and increased market value.

“This is ground-breaking technology that will change the way low ranked coal is processed and handled,” said David Carter, president, global resources, R&S. “As a company that made its reputation in coal and bulk materials handling, we look forward to putting our skills and experience to work on this exciting alliance.”

“We are eager to promote this technology to potential customers world-wide, and we couldn’t have a better partner to deliver it than R&S,” said Robert French, CEO, GTL Energy.

Since 2004, GTL Energy has been solely focused on researching and developing a technology to convert low-grade coal into higher-rank fuel. R&S will draw on its expertise in bulk materials handling, and on its extensive relationships in the coal industry, to help implement the use of the new technology on a global scale.