The tandem rotary dumper, similar to the photo above, will be operational by October 2021.

Metso has been awarded a contract for the design, supply and installation of a railroad car dumper system for CSX Transportation in the U.S. The new twin-cage tandem rotary car dumper will be used for the unloading of coal from railroad cars at the CSX Curtis Bay Export Terminal, located in Baltimore, Maryland. The dumper system is expected to be operational in October 2021.

The delivery includes two complete dumper barrel assemblies, a complete hopper system with grizzlies, a unit train positioner operation and installation.

“We have a long-standing business partnership with Metso. We selected them for this project because of their technical expertise and for providing the best long-term value for our company,” said Larry Gelo, director of equipment design, CSX.

Thanks to its innovative design, the new dumper system to be delivered to CSX will not only allow for the rotary dumping of loaded railroad cars, but also the unloading of bottom dump cars. Overall efficiency of the dumping operation will be improved via the use of Nolan car movers that are mounted on the dumper barrels to spot the loaded cars as well as eject the empty cars.

“The new dumper system to be delivered to Maryland will enable CSX to significantly improve the overall efficiency of their dumping operation,” Metso Vice President of Bulk Technologies Bob Kaib said.

    Metso is a global leader in dump-
er technology with more than 400 dumper system installed throughout the world.