Matrix Design Group is opening a new division, Matrix Analytics Group, which will be part of the company’s South African entity in Johannesburg, operating in both the U.S. and Africa. The analy-
tics group will offer industry expert perspectives into mining operations based on data and numerical modeling that helps drive meaningful enhancements to the decision-making process.

Using a model-based approach, Matrix Analytics will facilitate a discussion aligned to the strategic goals of its clients by combining decades of mining industry expertise with modern data analyzing techniques.

“In today’s competitive mining environment, efficiency is key,” said David Clardy, president of Matrix Design Group. “Matrix Analytics complements our mission to help mines operate more safely and productively through the most effective use of resources.”

Matrix Analytics uses a mine’s data to find key correlations and insights and presents the information in a way that it can be used to facilitate decision-making.

“A mine’s data is an often-underutilized trove of information that can dramatically improve operations,” said Stephen Redford, director of Matrix Analytics Group. “We want to provide a means for mines to tap it for key, and sometimes critical, insights.”