The MCG-101 has been developed for the mining industry to provide a secure and reliable source for communication, equipment monitoring and tracking. The system has an intelligent solution for Iridium satellite phones to operate as a telephone, Internet gateway, GPS device, send/receive SMS and attach to other devices through RS232 or CAN bus. The MCG-101 is daisy chainable so that it can connect with multiple simultaneous communications.  Installing the unit only requires power, a SIM card and an external antenna.  To connect to the internet is as simple as connecting a computer to the Ethernet Port.

“In continuing to deliver the latest high quality technology that provides the satellite industry with the most competitive value in the market, we have developed a single channel Iridium PBX that operates anywhere in the world as a telephone, internet portal, GPS and SMS device all in one package,” said Jeff Palmer, director, GSE. “The mining industry relies on secure communication—if the power fails, satellite is the only answer.”

One of the first installations of the MCG-101 has been deployed by a leading international mining organization at their operations in Southern Africa. In this part of the world, the distribution of power is an on-going concern. With approximately 27% of all power being used in mining production, should there be an electricity failure, it could cause a complete shut down in the mines. Conventional communication can be sustained in a power outage for up to eight hours, and in any emergency, communication is a absolute pre requisite. This is where the 101 has become an invaluable resource as it facilitates communication independent of external factors.  The MCG-101 was installed as part of a disaster management plan.