“We spent more than a year testing more than 100 formulations in the laboratory, in the field, and internally to ensure that we put the highest quality urethane blades on the market,” said Ryan Grevenstuk, senior product manager at Flexco. “We continue to invest to ensure we’re creating products that withstand the most demanding applications.”

In-house and in-field tests were conducted by Flexco specialists until it was determined that the blades met the company’s quality standards. The success of the blades has encouraged it to continue innovating with other custom urethane products.

“These capabilities will speed the time it takes to bring innovative products to market in terms of development and delivery, continually enhancing the quality we put into every product we make,” Grevenstuk said. “We continue to make investments in our manufacturing capabilities in the U.S. and around the world to ensure our products can be delivered to local markets in a timely and consistent manner.”

Flexco also recently invested in two new side-by-side incline conveyors to expand the testing and research and development capabilities on its heavy-duty products. This latest addition to the internal test units Flexco has at its disposal features a 36-in. wide belt and a 750-ft/min top speed, along with an integrated belt scale and a tph meter. The new conveyor loop gives the company’s engineers the chance to conduct internal testing that mirrors realistic conditions in the field and augments current laboratory, field and other conveyor testing performed on Flexco products.