For the last year, the Marcel mine in Poland has been testing Famur’s FS 300 shearer. Also based in Poland, Famur builds longwall equipment.

Famur’s FS 300 shearer has achieved phenomenal results in the Marcel coal mine in Poland, according to the manufacturer. The FS 300, designed specifically for the mining and geological conditions of this mine, began operating on April 16, 2014. According to information provided by mine management, as result of numerous tests carried out and consultations with the Marcel mine staff, the shearer has been perfectly adapted to suit the seam conditions.

The FS 300 shearer is the latest product of the FS series produced by Famur. It is equipped with two drive units, electrical equipment with the latest generation control systems, security and diagnostic systems, and with the possibility to apply various types of cutting arms, depending on the geo-mining conditions. In addition, this machine is adapted for installing the platform used for longwall moves. The FS 300 was delivered to the Marcel coal mine on April 2, 2014, and was commissioned on the C3 face in the seam 503/504. 

“This is the first shearer of this type to be used in the Polish mining industry. As for operational experiences, I can say that it is a good machine and that it meets our expectations as well as the other longwall system equipment,” said Tomasz Lubszczyk, energy and machinery chief foreman in the Marcel coal mine. “Through the use of this high-class longwall equipment, we can achieve our objectives and projected longwall production without any problems. For orientation purposes, I can say that with these longwall parameters, i.e., 147 shields and a 0.8-m web, we get about 700 [metric tons] of coal from one pass. When you multiply this by the number of passes per shift, then you may understand how efficient the FS 300 is.” The face length for 147 shields is 220 m (722 ft) and the face height varies between 2.5 – 3.5 m.

“The parameters of our machines are adjusted in each case to the geo-mining conditions in each particular mine, with consideration given to the individual needs of future users,” said Ireneusz Tomecki, deputy CEO of domestic sales, Famur. “We continually invest in research and development work, aimed at creating innovative solutions for efficient, cost-effective and safe resource extraction through longwall mining operations.’’

Famur is a leader in the manufacture of underground mining machinery and equipment. It specializes in automated longwall systems.