“We have been able to extend the performance and the applicability of this sustainable biological treatment technology to new industries and new applications—all the while maintaining its ability to achieve very high levels of contaminant removal and low long-term costs,” Stark said. “Today we are treating nitrate, perchlorate, selenium, organics and specialty compounds like NDMA, hexavalent chromium, RDX, HMX and more. We are going to continue the advance of this technology in the market.”

Envirogen’s FBR is a fixed-film bioreactor in which biological media is suspended, or fluidized, within the reactor vessel by the upward flow of water through the system. The suspended media provides a large surface area for microbial growth and allows a biomass density several times greater than that of other bioreactor designs under similar loading conditions. Microorganisms in the reactor completely destroy influent perchlorate and other targeted contaminants under anoxic conditions, without generating hazardous waste by-products.