“We feel the experience we have gained by installing the system for L-3 has given us the insight required to serve the continued needs of the coal mining industry,” said Rick Embry, president, Embry Enterprises. “The safety and reliability offered by the Accolade system will undoubtedly prove to be beneficial for years to come.”

Embry will provide marketing, sales and distribution channels for L-3 Accolade system customers in the Midwest and the southern Appalachian coalfields, as well as installation support.

The L-3 Accolade system provides a self-healing, redundant, and survivable voice and data network, allowing communication among miners underground (peer-to-peer) and communication between below- and above-ground personnel. The system also provides a real-time situational awareness capability and can be tailored for mines of all sizes.

The system is approved for use by the Mine Safety and Health Administration, the State of West Virginia and the Common-wealth of Pennsylvania, and has been deployed to mining companies throughout the United States.