DMT sai it has achieved impressive results at Micare during the first measurements in May 2010. It had  previously been impossible to predict faults in the seam by sinking exploratory boreholes. Thanks to in-seam seismic readings the Mexican coal ompany obtained a clear picture of the faults and was able to plan for further extraction accordingly.

“Our comprehensive know-how in exploration work was just as decisive for Micare as the fact that DMT also supplies the ideal technical solutions,” is how Wolfgang Schott, project manager in charge, explains the decision-making process. “DMT can draw upon more than 30 years of experience with in-seam seismic measurements. We were instrumental in developing the techniques, supported by RAG Deutsche Steinkohle. And we have continuously refined those processes.”

The instrumentation required for this work is also developed and manufactured in-house by DMT. “Additional measurements and training for the Mexican workers will be starting in the very near future,” said Wolfram Gödde, who is responsible for sales. “And we have already started discussions with the customer about applying other measurement techniques such as 3-D seismics, working from the surface.” The coal-producing industry in Mexico showed great interest after initial deployment in that country.

In other countries, too, including the Czech Republic, Spain, Russia and China, DMT has already been successful in employing in-seam seismic readings at similar projects.