The BEST Course is the premier continuing educational program for the advancement of safety and application of explosives. “Today, there is a growing recognition and culture of thinking and acting safely at work, so employees go home to their families every night uninjured,” said Robert McClure, president of RAM Inc. and BEST course facilitator and instructor. “Our enhanced BEST Course is a great opportunity for companies to improve the recognition of hazardous situations and advance the safe use of explosives.”

Developed for all experience levels, the fall BEST Course is taught by instructors with decades of practical experience in their respective fields, educating attendees on explosives safety and application, hazard recognition, accident prevention, the latest on regulations, and new product introductions related to explosives and face profiling. More than a thousand industry professionals working with explosives from around the world have learned how to more safely apply explosives technology in the field through attending the BEST program.