ReVolt uses regenerative braking and battery technology to reduce diesel consumption with locomotives. (Photo: Intramotev)

Intramotev, a company building autonomous zero-emissions rail solutions, deployed the world’s first self-propelled battery-electric railcar in a traditional freight train.

The system, known as the ReVolt, was installed at Iron Senergy’s Cumberland mine in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. The car has run for more than 1,000 miles between the Cumberland mine and its Alicia Harbor facility.

“We’re excited to deliver the fuel savings and environmental benefits of ReVolt to Iron Senergy,” said Tim Luchini, CEO, Intramotev. “This news marks an important milestone in our work to decarbonize mining and freight transportation, and we’re just getting started.”

Iron Senergy CEO and owner Justin Thompson said, “We’re thrilled to have partnered with Intramotev to deploy their forward-thinking technology. We’re always searching for ways to double down on our commitment to innovation and sustainability, and this partnership helps accomplish that in a big way.”

Intramotev said it continues to build momentum with customer deployments in the mining sector. Later this year, the company will deploy its locomotive replacement, known as the TugVolt, at a calcium mine in Northern Michigan.