Mineglow Light StripMineglow has reportedly developed the world’s first IECEx certified explosive proof (XP) LED strip lights for coal operators in Australia and Oceania. The x-Glo IECEx range is purpose built to provide a high level of protection by encapsulating electrical ignitions inside the light. Mineglow’s general manager, Carinne Pater, said the IECEx certified lighting improves health and safety by protecting workers from the risk of accidental ignitions of flammable or explosive materials. “The best way to prevent explosions in high-risk industrial areas is to remove potential ignition sources,” Pater said. “Lights are a common cause of ignitions. Our solution minimizes that risk.”

The low-profile lights are fully encapsulated with silicone, making them resistant to dust, humidity, chemicals and extreme environmental temperatures without enabling the risk of an explosion. Pater said the LED-strip design offers considerable benefits over conventional lighting and other explosive-proof products through its flexibility, efficiency, durability and ease of deployment. This range is unique as it combines IECEx-certified protection and peace of mind with all the benefits of premium, industrial-grade LED strip lighting.”

Mineglow’s explosive-proof range has a 50,000-hour lifespan and provides a daylight spectrum light in white 6,500K for continuous lighting in hazardous areas and red, amber and green for emergency directional lighting to illuminate escape routes.