The Minca is powered by a Perkins 1104 C series (70 kW/ 2,300 Rpm) engine. The flameproof system is an electric system, fully controlled by sensors and automatic shutdown procedures. All relevant values like temperatures, pressures and levels are permanently monitored; in case of failure, engine will automatically shut down. Starting is also electric, thus avoiding the use of an air compressor, which has to be flameproof itself and always bears the risk of overheating or gas ingress. All electric components are completely enclosed for flameproof.

The exhaust gas cooling is a dry system, Paus had introduced some 20 years ago. This avoids water from polluting the environment and also is almost maintenance free. Inside the exhaust gas system, a catalyser is included for further reduction of exhaust gas values. The cooling system makes sure surface temperature will not go above 150°C and also the exhaust gas temperature is below 70°C when leaving the system: this is extra safety for operators. Flame arrestors both on the fresh air and exhaust side make sure, no combustion is leaving the engine. In case of gas ingress from the air filter into the engine, the system will automatically close the air inlet valve and shut down the engine.