The Guardian Refuge Chamber meets all of the Mine Safety and Health Administration’s standards and regulations, according to the company. Made of solid steel and fully customized, units come equipped with food, water, first-aid kits, waste management system, communication system, an airlock chamber, and a tested air scrubbing system and filters that remove harmful carbon dioxide from inside the chamber. Each unit is guaranteed to provide up to 96 hours of breathable air from compressed oxygen cylinders. It can withstand up to 15 psi of pressure.

Patent-pending Mine Air Revitalization System (MARS) technology has been acquired by Mine Shield from Paragon Space Development Corporation. Paragon developed this technology with a grant from NASA to purify the air for astronauts traveling in the Earth’s orbit. MARS Air System can be implemented in bunkers, panic rooms, submarines, and embassies: environments where protection against harmful gasses is necessary.