WesTech Engineering recently introduced a Rotary Table Vacuum Filter and Ceramic Disc Filter. The Rotary Table Vacuum Filter is a continuous filtration unit ideal for handling large flow rates. The horizontal orientation of the rotary table enables a thick filter cake to form on the surface. The filter features a uniquely designed cake discharge system, which utilizes an extraction screw mechanism to remove the dewatered cake from the table and deposit it into a hopper. After discharge, the filter cloths are carefully washed and the filtration process continues. The WesTech Rotary Table Vacuum Filter is an ideal alternative to horizontal belt filters, rotary drum vacuum filters and filter presses, WesTech said.

The WesTech Ceramic Disc Filter provides superior cake-drying performance while using only 10%-25% of the power consumption used by comparable traditional disc filters. The one-piece, pressure-formed disc technology also provides higher backwash pressure and longer-lasting filter media. Both products deliver optimum production performance and availability for maximum dewatering in a wide range of mineral processing applications.