The EcoVent mine door provides addresses the industry’s needs, such as tighter operating constraints, reduced budgets, and increased pressure to improve mine safety. “I talk to underground mine managers on a daily basis. I hear their pain; they are limited to what they can spend, yet they worry about maintaining safety in the mine,” said Bob Chorman, engineering manager at American Mine Door. “They fear buying a cheaper mine door that needs constant maintenance and poses real safety threats to their miners.”

Traditional mine doors require miners to open one wing at a time. The EcoVent Doors use a patented opposing wing design for easy operation. Door wings are connected so when one wing is opening the other wing also opens simultaneously in the opposite direction. This unique design uses equalized air pressure to assist the door in opening and closing with little effort. Doors will not slam closed, radically reducing the potential for injuries. The air pressure is doing the work instead of the miner, creating a safer work environment for the mine employee.

In addition, a corrugated wing design is used to minimize weight, maximize strength and keep pricing affordable. A superior hinge design is used with each pivot point having a bearing surface. This improved heavy-duty design will require minimal maintenance with years of service.

EcoVent doors are easily installed on either a 6 x 12 pitch or at 90°. Wing assemblies are installed between the roof and the floor with adjustable telescopic members that offer a 4-ft varying range. Safety hooks that secure directly to the mine roof have been added for additional safety precaution. And the best part: no hardware or special tools required. For real value, these doors can be moved around easily, and reused repeatedly, providing years of service. Its lightweight design makes disassembly just as simple as assembly. The doors come in standard sizes but also offer the flexibility to custom fit a mine’s specific needs all within a sensible budget. Pricing is dependent on size.