South African Coal Operators Purchase Eickhoff Continuous Miners

Universal Coal recently started underground production at the New Clydesdale Colliery, which is located in the Witbank coal basin in South Africa’s Mpumalanga province. New Clydesdale has a production target of 900,000 metric tons per year (mtpy) of export-quality thermal coal.

Universal awarded the mining contract for New Clydesdale to the Ermelo-based STA Coal Mining Co. (Pty) Ltd. Well-known throughout the region, STA began working with Eickhoff continuous miners (CMs) 10 years ago. Interestingly, the first machine they purchased is still cutting coal at a mine near Piet Retief. STA focuses on offering quality coal extraction services by using advanced technology to deal with the various seam heights and geological conditions.

With the expansion of their operations related to New Clydesdale, STA has now purchased another Eickhoff CM2H-30 CM that is capable of mining between 1.5 to 3 meters (m). This strong and robust CM will support the production targets that STA must achieve. It started production during the third week of September.

Eickhoff CMs have gained popularity in South Africa. Exxaro Coal Central (ECC), which currently produces 3.9 million mtpy from one surface mine and two underground mines, purchased a CM2-30 for its Dorstfontein Complex. Located in the northern part of the Highveld coalfield, Dorstfontein produces metallurgical grade coal from its open-cast East operations as well as the underground West operations. In 2015, Dorstfontein-West cut 700,000 mt from the Lower No. 2 seam using three CM sections and one drill and blast section in operation.

One of the three CMs at Dorstfontein-West is an Eickhoff CM2H-30. It is very popular for the tough low-seam mining conditions encountered underground. Apart from the CM2H-30 model, Eickhoff has a total of 14 CMs currently operating in South Africa, which includes the CM2H-37 and CM2H-45 models.

Conveyor Drive System

Voith’s TurboBelt 500 TPXL has double the power transmission capability in the same installation space, the company reported. The first model in the new TPXL family, it requires half the volume of conventional coupling types for the same force transmission, and offers proven hydrodynamic drive and intelligent (machine learning) control technology, Voith reported. With multimotor operation, several TurboBelt 500 TPXL couplings are connected through the TurboBelt DriveControl system. The integrated controller adapts the output torque of the coupling exactly to the startup parameters of the belt conveyor system.

The controller continuously monitors the entire sensor system of the coupling, and stores and presents operationally relevant data, such as the condition of the oil filter. With a self-learning function, it references that data to align the system’s behavior with the desired nominal value (depending on the respective load situation and on previous empirical values). The coupling thereby automatically calculates the optimum fill level in real time and fills or drains the working circuit accordingly. 

Safety Glasses

Brass Knuckle Safety Products unveiled the Orange Crush Safety Goggles (BKDST-1020NP), made with a rubber gasket designed to seal to the face and channel water away from the eyes. The goggles provide the liquid splash protection of a traditional dust goggle and feature a customizable PivotEase nosepiece; a super-flex TPR temple in bright orange for visibility; TempleTouch technology that grips the side of the head; integrated side protection; removable contoured rubber gasket; ANSI-approved hardcoated polycarbonate lenses; N-FOG PLUS anti-fog protection; and an optional strap that locks into the temple for a secure fit. Lenses are either clear or smoke tinted. Clear lenses allow 91% of the light. Smoke tinted lenses allow 18% of the light. The anti-fog technology reportedly lasts 45 times longer than the minimum standard of the European EN166/168 standards. The nose piece adjusts automatically. The goggles are abrasion, chemical and UV resistant.

Solutions for Falling Objects

Westmark BV’s new website presents solutions and products that can prevent dropped object incidents and thereby increase worksite safety, the company reported. Dropped object incidents include injury, damage and death caused by, among other items, falling hand tools and equipment. Pages on the site provide background information, host various pertinent publications, promote a number of products, and offer tips and contact information for expert advice. “Dropped objects are among the top three causes of death and serious injury across many industrial sectors,” the website stated.

Joy Announces New Services at MINExpo

Joy Global introduced its expanding line of Joy brand service products and consumables at MINExpo 2016 in Las Vegas. As the original equipment manufacturer, the company engineered or selected each Joy product to meet the company’s exacting application and design standards, ensuring optimal system performance. The JoyCut integrated systems solution, for example, involves testing, analysis and ultimately the specification, design and manufacture of the right cutting system for each underground mining application. The JS Blocksaver Mark I bitholder system is designed for ease of sleeve removal. Joy Fluids program provides free sampling and analysis to help extend equipment life and lower maintenance costs.

On the surface, P&H Optima dipper model upgrades include the heavy-duty Snubrite and roller latch door, which eliminates adjustments between preventative maintenance and extends maintenance intervals. P&H Delta Series Heavy Duty shovel crawler shoes with an elongated roller path provide better shoe-roller contact and more durability. Joy ground engaging tools (GET) meet all shovel, mining application and production requirements.

Using genuine Joy products, the company’s direct service teams around the world provide world-class service, helping ensure optimal machine performance. The company also offers life cycle management (LCM) contracts to further help customers manage parts inventories and costs.