“With the current focus on mine safety, there is an increased emphasis on checking areas for potentially high concentrations of methane, above the 5% volume explosive limit,” said Rick Wanek, product manager-portable gas detection, Draeger Safety. “This is particularly important when checking behind seals, roof bolts and even the working areas of the mine. Measuring whether methane gas is present in the explosive range of 5%-15% volume or higher concentrations is a critical safety issue. Reliable portable monitors are a key component for miners’ to perform safety checks.”

Also approved by MSHA is Dräger’s X-am 5000 personal gas monitor that continuously measures and warns workers when harmful concentrations of gases and organic vapors are present. Among the smallest gas monitors available, both the Dräger X-am 5000 and the X-am 5000 HC provide more than 12 hours of continuous monitoring, making them suitable for long shifts and emergencies. A data logger records up to 1,000 hours of exposure for quality, risk and regulatory compliance.