Acknowledging investments require careful consideration for the total cost of ownership over the life of an asset, the 730E (AC) has been designed for the mining customer pursuing smaller deposits. It can be quickly deployed into difficult projects and then moved to the next opportunity as necessary. The bolt-together design makes field assembly and disassembly less complicated and reduces the need for skilled technicians in the site erection process. The new frame and axle housing sets a new Komatsu standard for robust design and performance.

The new haul truck is designed with an easily removable powertrain module, further reducing the time needed to complete on-site maintenance. The simplicity of the 730E (AC) design makes it easier to train service technicians and complete regular maintenance tasks because the 730E (AC) has fewer hoses, bearings, pumps and wear components than most other trucks available today.

A simple design underscores Komatsu’s understanding for how this tool is to be used. The 730E (AC) is equipped with Komtrax Plus (former VHMS) technology, which sends machine operating information to a secure website using wireless technology. Without any additional IT expense, data such as operating hours, component trends, machine utilization (including idle time and fuel consumption) and production information are relayed to the web application and made available on-line for analysis. In real time, the fleet monitoring system monitors machine availability, allows for remote diagnosis of machine issues, and provides a wealth of other information to drive business efficiency.

Komatsu believes the 730E (AC) will achieve the performance levels that have made the entire family of AC electric drive trucks so successful in the mining industry. Komatsu introduced the AC drive 930E in 1996 and claims it is still the best selling ultra-class haul truck. This experience is crafted into the AC drive system used on the 730E (AC). Striving for excellence beyond common AC drives, several structural and performance improvements were made to meet the high quality standards expected of Komatsu.

The 730E (AC) cab brings the same comfort features and operator controls used in larger Komatsu trucks. From the standard air-ride seats, easy-to-use instrument panel with automatic speed control and climate controls, the 730E (AC) cab helps reduce distractions and allows the operator to focus on the road. Easy integration with management systems like Modular Mining’s Dispatch and MineCare allows the mine to remotely monitor the health of the truck and use the 730E (AC) to its fullest capacity. With 15% higher speed and simpler maintenance than the previous model thanks to Komatsu’s AC drive, the biggest challenge to a 730E (AC) fleet owner will be projecting where to put the extra production.