Northern Light Technologies’ (NLT) newest cap lamp, the Genesis, has received an Intrinsically Safe (IS) certification from the Mine Safety and Health Administration. “What’s exciting about the MSHA approval,” said Heidi Levitt president of NLT Global, “is that mines in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico can now ensure miners who enter underground are being tracked for safety purposes — the tag is enclosed and powered by the Genesis cap lamp. The fact that the Genesis battery is powering the Aeroscout tag means that as long as your lamp is working, you know the tag is, too. No other company offers an IS-approved cordless lamp/tracking tag combination today. And no other company offers the flexibility of tagging choices within a cordless lamp as NLT does with the Genesis, with a selection of RFID and WiFi enabled tags.”

Genesis is a tracking tag-enabled, cordless cap lamp. It’s often referred to as the big brother to the hugely popular Northern Light Polaris because it has the same look and feel as Polaris, but with slightly increased depth of the back housing to accommodate a personnel tracking tag.

The MSHA approval for Genesis came with the Aeroscout tracking tag installed, but their “tag ready” lamps have also been approved. This means the cap lamp on its own has MSHA approval; if the customer wants to install a tag in the future — the Wavetrend, for example — it may be submitted for MSHA approval.