Sudbury, Canada-based FORTAI is using its skills to convert a mining supply chain and logistics product, called the SmartCube, into one that sanitizes personal protective equipment (PPE) or other devices used by front-line and essential workers across a range of industries. The company will bring its Sanitization SmartCube into production within 30 days by leveraging its proven SmartCube technology, a powerful ecosystem of partners, and expertise from the INOVINTA Group of Companies, which includes BESTECH and SHYFTinc.

FORTAI developed its initial mining-built SmartCube as a mobile inventory management solution designed to allow for safe containerization and transportation of materials, including explosives. Due to COVID-19, the company is redirecting its resources to create sanitization chambers for PPE, clothing or other tools. By using the SmartCube technology, users can track and log PPE as it is sanitized.

FORTAI President Trang Tran-Valade said, “This technology will ensure confidence in PPE for front line and essential workers and meet the needs of a temporary new normal. The mining industry is familiar with creating safe workplaces in challenging environments. Our goal is to deploy Sanitization SmartCubes in hospitals, mines or other workplaces with PPE requirements. Our solution will enable workers to easily sanitize everything from PPE to tools. The great thing is that SmartCubes are scalable. We can right-size them for different workplaces and sites.”

Given the urgency of this project, FORTAI and the INOVINTA Group of Companies is extending the call to other researchers, companies and medical professionals who are willing to work on the project. FORTAI is already working with Laurentian University and the Perdue Central Analytical Facility (PCAF).