XERAS for Enterprise integrates SAP’s Financial and Maintenance Management modules with the financial modeling capabilities of XERAS. This integration allows for unprecedented levels of financial visibility and cost control, from individual mine sites through to corporate management reporting systems, according to RPM.

With a centralized platform for conducting analysis and generating different scenarios using auditable and validated information, XERAS for Enterprise bridges the gap between the mine and the boardroom. It exposes the strengths and weaknesses of the mine plan and provides critical information which management can use to act upon.

“XERAS for Enterprise gives our customers the ability to perform in depth plan vs. actuals analysis. It not only provides variance reporting but also lets users get under the covers so they can truly understand the reasons and underlying logic behind the causes,” said Darren Rostron, RPM’s XERAS product manager. “It allows you to reforecast dynamically on the go. When unexpected events occur, such as equipment failure, weather events, or a major drop in commodity prices, XERAS for Enterprise quickly helps you understand the financial impact on the business and make informed decisions.”

The software standardizes financial costing models, enabling fast consolidation and central control of underlying assumptions, which allows operational and financial managers to understand their future financial position across their entire global operations.