Generac Mobile introduced two new large diesel units, the MDE330 and MDE570 diesel mobile generators, which are aimed at providing ease of operation and maintenance. The machines feature wide-opening removable doors to maximize serviceability by allowing the technician to more easily reach all service points. The rugged steel design and construction allow for operation for a variety of applications, regardless of weather conditions.

The MDE330 features a 9.3L Perkins Tier 4 Final-certified engine, while the MDE570 utilizes an 18.1L Perkins Tier 4 Final-certified engine. Both engines offer standard Perkins Exhaust Temperature Management (ETM) load management technology, eliminating the issue of wet stacking during low-and no-load conditions, by monitoring and regulating engine exhaust temperatures and providing supplemental heat, as needed.

“Generac Mobile provides reliable power that goes where you need it, giving customers the versatility and control to get the job done — wherever that may be,” said Aaron LaCroix, product manager, Generac Mobile. “Through advanced engineering and fuel-efficient designs, our units allow for extended runtimes and long service intervals so you can stay on the job longer, with less refueling and maintenance.”

Generac’s MDE330 and MDE570 come standard with a 500-hour oil and filter service interval for reduced maintenance and decreased downtime. Large capacity fuel and DEF tanks allow for a runtime of at least 25 hours before refueling is needed, increasing return on investment.

Optional features include increased motor starting capability, cold weather kits and additional power distribution options. For ultimate flexibility, these units can be configured for paralleling, enabling a scalable approach to power.

The PowerZone Pro Sync controller comes standard on both units, allowing the user to monitor performance and perform diagnostics on the unit. It is conveniently located at the back of the machine.

The new MDE330 and MDE570 will be available for ordering and quoting in Q4 2021 and will be available to ship in Q2 2022.