The new FA2i Infinity Series mining air winch has a rated capacity of 4,400 lb (2,000 kg) with a 4,400-lb top layer rated line pull. Its 9.4 hp radial piston motor provides positive starting torque and precise spotting control. Ingersoll Rand designed the Infinity Series winches to have longer side rails with rounded bars welded to both ends. This feature increases the stability of the winch and makes it easier for users to transport it across dirt and rock in the mine, according to the company. Its compact size also makes it easier for operators to lift the winch to different levels within the mine.

Ingersoll Rand designed protective cages to surround the motor and control system and help guard against corrosive debris and falling rocks. The heavy duty, abrasion-resistant pendant hoses are also protected by a sheath and designed with quick release/replace disconnects to enable operators to replace parts easily. Another new feature is the quick-check oil site gauge on the motor, which eliminates guesswork by giving miners direct oil level readings and protects the engine from burnout. The Infinity Series air winches also meet the American National Standards Institute and American Society of Mechanical Engineers safety classification ANSI-ASME B30.7–Winches.