Wedge clamps allow the guarding panels to be removed and reinstalled quickly and easily, so systems can expand or relocate as needed. A variety of wedge bolts and bracket sizes are available to suit a wide range of mounting options. The guards are self-supporting and are installed on supplied angle iron structure, eliminating the need to attach directly to conveyor structure. Integrated handles reduce the number of parts and tools required. The guards comply with MSHA Safety Standards 56.14107 (moving machine parts), 56.14110 (flying or falling material), 56.14112 (guard construction), 75.1722 (mechanical equipment guards) and 77.4400 (mechanical equipment guards). Guards are available in a range of sizes, from 11- x 17-in. samples up to 36- x 50-in. panels, and can be used in a variety of combinations to accommodate unique and even custom-designed conveyor systems. They can be specified in powder coated orange or painted safety yellow, and can be purchased with or without mounting hardware.