ASGCO said its Tru-Trainer Dual Return conveyor tracking idlers are engineered for heavy-duty conveyor applications with high belt speeds and tonnages. The updated unit features a new lower profile design for more compact conveyors with a low height clearance as seen in many conveyor belt feeders and overland conveyor systems. Additional improvements include an improved sealing system and the ability to easily install or replace the rollers.

The new Dual Returns are specifically developed to accommodate the excessive forces encountered with wider belts and conveyor systems high tons per hour (tph), as well as conveyor belts with speeds in excess of 800 feet per minute (4 meters per second). The unique external central pivot mechanism, dual inter-connecting mounting tubes, eliminated the need for a single large drum and enabled a concentric and balanced rotation to be achieved. The patented tapered rolls react immediately as the belt moves eliminating the need for problematic 90° belt edge-destroying guide rollers. This has resulted in extended bearing life for the trainers, and a very fast, effective conveyor belt tracking system.