China Shenhua Energy produces 340 million mertic tons per year (mtpy) of coal, accounting for 8% of China’s national total. Through its Shendong Coal Group, it has established its first 200-million-mt coal production base, which is fully mechanized, and established a cluster of 25 10-million-mt mines, all rated “safe and highly efficient mines” in 2020.

The company said it actively promotes core technologies including, but not limited to, green mines, smart mines, intelligent longwall mining, unmanned mining trucks, mining robotics and intelligent integrated application platforms. China Shenhua has reached world-leading levels in production, technology, quality, energy consumption and environmental protection. A total of 20 of its coal mines were recently rated national or provincial green mines, and production from green mines has already taken the lead in China. China Shenhua was awarded the title Excellent Coal Producer in Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction by the China National Coal Association in 2019.