Alliance Resource Partners L.P. announced several actions it was taking in response to the rapidly evolving impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, including temporarily ceasing coal production at all of its Illinois Basin (ILB) mines. At that time of the first announcement, the temporary idling was scheduled to last through April 15, subject to changes based on the business needs of its customers.

Based on available data and customer feedback, Alliance then determined that anticipated coal supply requirements could be met currently from remaining inventory at its ILB mines, and the company has temporarily extended the previously announced cessation of coal production at those operations through April 26.

In addition, Alliance said it would cease coal production at its MC Mining operation in east Kentucky, and will supply coal to its customers from existing inventory until coal production transitions to the new Excel No. 5 mine, which the company expected to occur in early May.

Coal production is continuing at Alliance’s Northern Appalachian mines. To protect employees, the operations have implemented numerous safeguards including staggered shift patterns to promote social distancing, enhanced cleaning procedures, promotion of recommended hygiene practices and limiting workplace access.

As Alliance continues to assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as its ability to continue to meet customer needs from existing coal inventories at the affected operations, the actual return to production will be accelerated or extended if needed.