As this edition of Coal Age was going to press, the results of the 2018 midterm elections were still being tabulated in some states. For most of the country, however, the results reaffirmed the current situation: an equally divided nation. Just as it was in 2016, stark differences separate rural and urban voters. Gaining a few seats in the U.S. Senate and losing a majority in the House of Representatives, the President Donald Trump Administration declared it a victory considering the results from past presidencies. Only time will tell how the election will influence politics in coal country.

As it does each month, Coal Age reports good and bad news. The lead story this month is the Coronado Global IPO. The financial press, especially in Australia, called it disappointing because it didn’t achieve expectations, but it was the largest coal float on the ASX. Cloud Peak Energy is considering a possible sale. Several coal operators in the Midwest and Appalachia have announced some good results. Coal markets outside the U.S. remain tight with metallurgical-grade coals commanding a premium.
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