Since Mining Media was formed in 2003, the company has built a top-notch editorial team that truly spans the world. Readers might recall that Mining Media made a bold move in 2005 and acquired World Mining Equipment. That acquisition added readers, a mining conference (Haulage & Loading) and more mining-related intellect, namely Kyran Casteel. Over a reålatively short period of time, Coal Age readers became familiar with Kyran, as he provided technical information on mining and mineral processing equipment, such as the VDMA Supplement. It’s with mixed emotions that we announce his formal retirement this month. Congratulations are in order for a man who served the industry well. Although he has agreed to contribute from time-to-time, we are losing one of the best writers covering the mining and mineral processing business. Bauma will be his last hurragh; so if you have a chance to stop by the booth and say Hello, please do.

Most of the mining equipment is either made in the U.S., Germany, or Scandinavia, so the European market is vitally important to Mining Media. To ensure that the company maintains a high level of editorial credibility, it reached out to Simon Walker (, another veteran mining writer based in England. Readers that follow the occasional Letters to the Editor column will remember that he and I see things differently. One of the many aspects that distinguishes Mining Media and its publications from competitive titles editorially is that readers hear opinions from multiple informed sources.

Mining Media employs one of the widest networks of mining writers and the team has expanded. If the company had a weakness editorially, it would be representation in Australia and Asia. So it should come as no surprise that, when Mining Media had a chance to acquire “The Asian Miner”—a quarterly publication based in Australia covering the mining business in Asia—it jumped. The Asian Miner carries mining-related content in both English and Chinese. John Miller ( will occasionally provide Coal Age with news reports from mining operations in Australia and Asia.

Finally, Coal Age reached another major milestone last month. The magazine’s Web site ( was re-launched with several new attributes, including online access to the magazine and a mining news feed. As it always is with anything on the Web, it’s a work in progress, but Coal Age now has a new more modern look with up-to-date content. Also readers can view the editorial calendar in the Media Kit to see what topics Coal Age plans to cover in the future. If you like what you see or if you think there is room for improvement, please feel free to drop me a note. Enjoy this edition of Coal Age.

Steve Fiscor, Coal Age Editor-In-Chief