Polydeck lays the foundation for hope in its local community. (Photo: Polydeck)

As a prominent local manufacturer of mining products, Polydeck has long been dedicated to giving back to the surrounding community in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Through strategic partnerships with various charitable organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, Polydeck is investing in real bricks and mortar, ensuring Spartanburg families have a place they can call home.

In a recent Wall Raising event, marking the commencement of constructing a new residence, Ryan Johnson, vice president of product and customer solutions at Polydeck, addressed the attendees, emphasizing the company’s genuine commitment to its purpose. “Our mission isn’t just words on a wall; it’s a commitment. Essentially, we exist to serve, grow, and care for people in a way that honors God,” Johnson shared.

The story is personal for many in the Spartanburg community. Evelyn Martin, a grateful recipient of a Habitat for Humanity home, with assistance from Polydeck, shared her heartwarming journey from dream to reality. “I never dreamed that I’d own a home. But with the support from this program, that dream came true,” Martin said.

Raymond Davis, senior executive director of Habitat for Humanity in Spartanburg, described the organization’s cause: “Habitat, through its partnerships and collaborations, serves families who might not traditionally secure a traditional loan to become homeowners. We understand the benefits of homeownership in terms of stability and growth, not just for the individuals but also for the community.”

With their roots deeply entrenched in Spartanburg since 1987, Habitat for Humanity has been a beacon of hope. Davis, with over 30 years of experience in community development and a background in affordable housing, sees Habitat as the perfect marriage of his professional and ministerial life.

Construction of a new Habitat for Humanity home begins with a Wall Raising event. (Photo: Polydeck)

Yet, such initiatives need more than just vision. They need partners willing to work hand in hand to turn these visions into reality. Enter Polydeck.

Linda Coltrane, vice president of employee care at Polydeck, shed light on this partnership. “This is our second of three homes we’ve committed to build, and we partner with Habitat to impact our community greatly, not only by providing a dwelling but a home,” Coltrane stated. Polydeck and Habitat’s commitment goes beyond just financial assistance. Habitat ensures that future homeowners are involved every step of the way — even to the point of helping build their own home.

When asked about the reason Polydeck chose to work with Habitat, Coltrane stated, “This gesture ties beautifully with Polydeck’s core values and our caring culture,” she said. “We aim to serve our employees, their families, and the greater community. This is the community we work and live in, and we want to provide opportunities for its people to grow.”

As bricks are laid and walls are raised, there’s no doubt that Polydeck, along with Habitat for Humanity, is laying a foundation of hope, unity, and growth in Spartanburg. The community hopes to see more families, like Evelyn Martin’s, find a place they can finally call home.

With businesses like Polydeck taking strides to invest in their community, Spartanburg’s future seems not just secure but bright.