Anthracite coal operator Blaschak Coal Corp received a $1 million grant to develop a new, large mine in eastern Pennsylvania. Provided by the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program and supported by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, the funding will support the reengineering, reopening and redevelopment of a large reserve of Mammoth coal in Mount Carmel.

Once the development is complete, it will allow for the production of high-quality anthracite for the next 20 years. Throughout the mining process, the land will be reclaimed and restored to its natural condition. The development will employ 25 to 30 United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) miners, with wages that are more than double the median household income in the region, the company said.

“The grant serves as validation of our belief in the continued development and growth of the anthracite market in Pennsylvania,” said Greg Driscoll, president and CEO of Blaschak Coal Corp. “We are proud to further economic development in our region and create new jobs, all while continuing to prove our commitment to environmental stewardship through the process of reclamation.”

Blaschak is one of the few fully integrated U.S. anthracite companies with a large reserve base, multiple mines and prep plants, a bagging plant, both rail and truck loading facilities.