Murray Metallurgical Coal Holdings LLC and its subsidiaries’ (Murray Met) chapter 11 bankruptcy plan went into effect on December 11. It also completed the sale of the Oak Grove mine in Alabama to Hatfield Metallurgical Holdings LLC, a new entity jointly owned by American Consolidated Natural Resources Inc. (ACNR) and MC SouthWork LLC. Murray Met filed for bankruptcy on February 11 and the U.S. Court for the Southern District of Ohio approved the plan on November 25.

Hatfield’s affiliate, Crimson Oak Grove Resources LLC, will continue operating the Oak Grove mine in the normal course. In accordance with a management services agreement, a subsidiary of ACNR will manage and operate the Oak Grove mine.

ACNR was formed following the sale of Murray Energy Holdings Co. and its subsidiaries’ assets during its bankruptcy proceedings. ACNR owns and operates nine former Murray Energy mines in five regions in the United States. In addition, ACNR will manage and operate the Foresight Energy mines and the Murray Met mines through two separate management services agreements.