Thiess’s Mt Owen team takes a proactive approach to environmental management to ensure dust, noise and blasting emission impacts are minimized for local communities. Working together with its client, Glencore, the mining contractor has developed a range of controls including leadership training and education sessions, noise and dust risk forecasting, targeted sound power testing of operating equipment and real-time monitoring technology.

Thiess Senior Environment Advisor Linda Lunnon said the real-time data enables the operational team to monitor dust and noise levels and respond swiftly to changing weather conditions. “Paired with regular visual inspections, the technology provides further guidance throughout each shift, enabling our leaders to readily modify operations as needed,” Linda said. “The system also triggers SMS alerts to relevant personnel if dust or noise levels reach a defined threshold.”

Dust and noise are two of the highest environment risks for coal operations in the Hunter Valley, and Thiess is continually monitoring and refining controls that can assist in managing these risks.